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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Leaves Are Falling All Around

November 2010

It is looking a lot like autumn around here. The kids are loving jumping into the tiny mounds of leaves. Drew even likes hiding in them.

Snow is coming soon, though. We can feel it!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lions and Tigers, and Bears...OH MY!!

October 23, 2010

Oh, we love HALLOWEEN!! This year's theme: THE WIZARD OF OZ!!! Loved it!! We have Dorothy (Avery), Tin Man (Kendal), Toto(Drew), The Cowardly Lion (Edyn), The Scarecrow (Cameron) and The Wicked Witch of the West (Tari)

We know that we will not be able to force the family to cooridinate for very many years more(see how happy Kendal is?), but for now, we are just loving it.

And we are so cute, I know!! Happy Halloween, All!!

"Grandma the Great" (Edna Denning) Turns 92

October 21, 2010

Avery and "Grandma the GREAT" on her 92nd birthday. We sure love her!!!

Grandma Bryan (Lynne, Grandma the Great's daughter) just loves all the grandkids!!

We have cake and ice cream and balloons, presents and homemade cards and sit around and talk.

Grandma the Great always loves getting clothes and candy!!

Our Grandma the GREAT is getting up there in years. She is 92 this year!! It is always fun to go to her parties. She loves to tell us stories of where she lived and about Preston and sing songs about fruit and vegetable salads and the man in the moon. She is certainly fun and we sure love her!!

Happy Birthday, GRANDMA the GREAT!!! We LOVE YOU!!!


October 16, 2010

Kendal and Shelbee are practically inseparable. They like the same things: Wii, Bakugans, Legos, 4-wheelers, Nintendo DSi, anything boyish or very BOYish.

This day was one they happened to actually be outside and found a poor little garden snake. I say poor, not because I like them by any stretch of the imagination, but I do think it is a poor little creature to be shared by 7 year old rough and tumble kids. I would not enjoy being that snake, and although they were as gentle as could be expected and the snake was released alive and slithering, still it must have been a terrifying day for the snake. I know it was not one of the MOM's top 10.

Here's to nature.


October 11, 2010

The sun in his eyes, but the best shot we got of him because...

Just about everyone was silly, typical boys, right? BUT...

We did finally get a good shot!!FINALLY!!!

Kendal played AYSO this year and was on the TITAN team!! He is much better than in past years. We have had so much fun watching him jump into the arms of his teammates to celebrate when they score a goal (he is much smaller in stature than most of his team). He is very supportive of them and has an uncanny way of cutting behind the ball to make sure it doesn't get past him. And he ALMOST got his own goal this year. We are just so proud that he has been supportive and happy at games and practices!!
He is a TITAN in our book!!

Love you, SON!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Morning Sickness!!!

August 9, 2011

Me- Good Morning, Kendal Boy!

Kendal- Mom, Avery is making me THROW UP all the time.

Me- What? How is she making you throw up?

Kendal- Because I am SO SICK of her.

Me- (stiffling a laugh) Oh. So how about some breakfast?

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha SNORT!!!


August 7, 2011

Me: Kneeling down to pray beside my bed.

Avery: (walking over next to me, whispering) Mom...Mom, can we have some candy?

Me: (without opening my eyes) Shhh, Honey, I am trying to say my prayers. I'll be finished in a minute, okay?

Avery: Okay. (walks out into the hallway) DREW!! MOM IS SAYING HER PRAYERS TO FEEL BETTER, WE HAVE TO BE QUIET!!

Drew: LET ME SEE!! (opens the door and walks in) MOM, ARE YOU SAYING YOUR PWAYERS?

Me: Yes, Son. I'll be with you soon.


Motherhood is hilarious!! I think even HEAVEN got a kick out of that.

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